Surprisingly Effective Ways To Be Happy

Being happy doesn't
mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond imperfections. - CEK 
     People misunderstand
happiness for lots of money or abundance of material things. No! Very wrong.
    To be happy is a "big decision". Decide to be happy, look beyond those problems. You will only get happier when you actually decide to put those problems behind you.  
    I know Life is not a bed of roses, you shouldn't let life push you or turn you to thorns. Flow with Life, decide today "nothing is going to stop me, I won't let that nagging issue get to me". Forget worry. Let tomorrow worry for itself.
The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered, there is an opportunity for growth. - unknown 
Things you need to start doing from now on to be happy. 
  • Stop the worry - over thinking is one thing, getting results from it is ZERO. No one actually got anything out of it. Let it go. Chillax  
  •  positivity -  positivity breeds Good luck i read. Stop expecting the worst from things. Even if after positivity, it didn't work out. Know that it happened for a reason. Don't give up on positivity. 
  • Try to learn something from every good / bad day -Relax and figure out what happened and why it happened, what it taught you. Every failure is a story for another day. 
  • Avoid Toxic people - I also call them "negative people" they are the type that never believe you can do anything. Stop going to them with your decisions. Do your own thing, if you fail, you learn something better. Avoid them like a plaque. 
      A person who depends on the opinion of others is a slave.
  • Stop the grudges - Quit hating, Love yourself. "he who hates, hates themselves, give out love and love will come to you.
  • Smile it's  free No matter the situation. SMILE!!  Smiling actually raises your happiness level by 30%. Smile always. 
  • Books and Music - Reading keeps your mind off things, distract that worrisome mind of yours LOL. Try Inspirational books - i recommend JUMP by STEVE  HARVEY . Also short stories (printed not online). Use your home theater today, play some music avoid pop, go for rap, hip hop or even classics. 
  • Lastly - sleep a lot. It helps you relax more, don't be like the bee (it means you are working to hard thinking). 
    Don't spend your time looking what is not there. If it's yours it will come to you.


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