How to win people to your way of thinking.

  Getting peers and foes to
understand and view things from your own perspective can be as hard as anything.

A lot of people will always have a to disagree with you and see your way of life and living as a bad way to live. 

Though it seems a bit more like pleasing

How to gain weight fast and Naturally.

Weight gain for women"/>

    Lately, the trend these days is weight gain or weight loss, forgetting when they all used to say skinny is the new sexy or thick is sexy.
     Well gaining weight fast and Naturally is the dream of everybody who needs to want to come true. Remember that weight gain or loss takes time. There is no guarantee that you will gain weight over night especially if you are a hard gainer or have high metabolism or more so a very busy person. 

Warning: This post is not about eating six times a day, it's just a simple, cheap procedure and it works. 
Also don't forget that weight gain is something you should watch that is keep track of, you don't want to end looking up on google "HOW TO LOOSE WEIGHT". Also check with your physician before starting any weight gain journey especially if you have a heart history. 

Things you will need :

  1. Egg (1).
  2. Banana (1 medium) .
  3. 1 cup of Quaker oats (boiled) 
  4. 1 cup of Milk or 60g powdered milk. 
  5. 1tbsp of Cinnamon powder. 
  6. A Bowl. 
  7. A spoon 
  8. Warm water (like the one you can use to make your cereal). 


 *Pour the boiled Quaker oat in the Bowl.
*Pour in the milk,
 mashed banana, cinnamon powder and mix 
together with the warm
water except for the egg which i advice you should boil because raw egg sounds gross!!
*Take once a day at night (before going to bed). 

You can check out the video tutorial on How to gain weight fast and Naturally tutorial

More tips on gaining weight fast and Naturally. 

  • FORGET PILLS - Except if your doctor prescribed them(which mostly are for covalescences) Try to focus on gaining weight naturally in the most natural way you can. 
  • EAT/DRINK LARGE- I know every blog  you've read in the past all told you to eat, it's just the truth, Eat more to gain more. You don't really need to eat the whole world, eat little by little of  different Foods especially if you are picky. And no late night junks. And for drinks try banana, apple juices and nice non alcoholic drinks, it increases your appetite mostly. For Foods, more of proteins, less carbohydrates, more vitamins and minerals, you need to gain healthy fat so you would be happy at the end. Check calories in fruits: For food calorie chart
    Being skinny doesn't mean exercises are bad for you, Try some yoga, few stretches, squats even. Don't be skeptical about it, you wouldn't want the fat to go to all the wrong places when it comes. 
  • CONSISTENCY - Gaining weight takes as much time as Loosing it. Don't stop at a point just because you are not seeing results. Keep up, 30 days at least. Even when you have gained weight, don't stop instead reduce by 60% your calories in take.  

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