How To Build Self Confidence.

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Self confidence is very important in human life.
As you might have guessed, they are two types of self confidence.

  • Positive self confidence. 
  • Negative self confidence. 

 Positive self confidence is affialiated to all things positive.
 Negative? , you know the rest.
 A person with self confidence can take risks, say things without fear (useful things).
But a person with low self confidence is usually afraid to take risks and believe he or she can achieve his or her goals.
 Building SELF CONFIDENCE requires alot of work but good news!! It can be achieved with these steps.

Good attitude

Develop a good attitude towards things of life. Be it relationships, promotion, whatever!. Be optimistic, avoid negative thoughts that tell you "you can't". Start saying "you can". 

Ditch negativity from every corner 

 Start being around those that improve you positively, avoid negative or toxic people (keep your distance). 
Ditch those things that remind you of failures and "what if's" 
This would bring us to

Try to be okay with F-E-A-R 

This acronym was formed by who i don't know but i love it because that is exactly what fear means in the natural sense. 
Its okay to be afraid, fear means you are alive. 
Don't think all those people that speak publicly are fearless. No!! They are not, they are humans too. So chill love. 

Forget perfectionism 

Avoid perfectionism, think clearly about your weakness and accept yourself the way you are, never you think you should be exactly like this and this, work on yourself and be the best version of yourself. 
 I stubbled on this quote one day, I really love this 

This is the best quote I've seen this 2017. Practice self care, set small goals, keep journals, listen to good music 

Words are just Words. 

Remember, words are just words. They won't affect you, your pound of flesh, nothing!!
 The people trying to bring you down with spoken words will respect you once you show you are confident and don't care and don't take it personally. Some people are persistent they don't stop bringing others down, in a case where they don't stop then you need to avoid those kind of people, they are TOXIC. 

Ps: Don't be too hard on yourself, don't try to change all at once or in one day. Take it step by step with patience and don't dwell on your mistakes, instead learn from it. 

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