8 Simple Ways To Practice Self Care

Self care"/>

    Practicing self care means both physical and non physical act on yourself.
  It's something you do to you, on yourself, by yourself, it's something free and Resolutional. A lot cheaper way of practicing self care is understanding your own needs emotionally, physically and professionally. Before we hit the nail on it's head, lets understand why we all need to practice self care:
  • stressed lately?
  •   overwhelmed? 
  •  tired of all the bullsh*t in life? 
  •  Just got out of a bad relationship or a good one? 
  • about to enter into a relationship?
  •   one wrong grade? 
   Alot of things can freak you out and get you thinking of life as f***.             Let's talk about 3 important things you need to work on before you move on to self care practice.

Let go of comparing 

As far as life is concerned, nobody is better than the other. Believe it or not, nobody was born better. The nicest you should do for yourself while on earth is accepting  that no one is better than you are. It's just as simple and convincing as that. 

Let go of Regrets and Worries 

Worries and Regrets are the chief things that bring us down in this world. As humans its not really possible to stop thinking and reminding ourselves of things we could have done better. 
But think about this :you know you tried your best at something and it didn't work out. Why kill yourself with worry?, the only thing you need do is try again (ask those outside united status  looking for google adsense approval, they will explain what disappointments feels like). 

Let go of competiting

Just like comparing yourself to others this is just the same. 
In this you feel every need to be better at everything  and face it you can never be. 

As you have passed the above 3 and sure you are not guilty of any of the above;
  Let's Explore more ways you can practice self care on yourself.   

1. Write down things you are grateful for in other words keep a journal.

2. Do something good for the first time like try out a new Healthy recipe, draw something, etc.

3. Practice some yoga or stretch.

4. Read a good book.

5. Turn off your electronics :tv, phone, laptops, etc.

6. Take a walk, spend something in the sun, enjoy nature.

7. Take a long bath.

8. Take a long nap with your phone off.


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