7 steps to making friends in College


  For most people starting afresh can be  hard especially when it comes to making "new Friends from "new Strangers in a "new Environment. I CAN RELATE, my first day in College, I was Friendless, I had to start over, no one knew my name, well things got better by the day.  Though making new friends should not be a big of a deal, it is necessary to do so except you are a" LONER" OR UNDER PROBATION OR SOMETHING then you are free to go.
    Everyone should at least have one Friend (it can be your mum, dad or even your pet) But here i am talking about how you can make real-Life Friends as in HUMAN BEINGS!! 
    So to enter the friendship lane, you might need to Learn from these my "i think I'm Steve Harvey steps"  especially if you are this kind of person that is EAGER to have friends, be noticed or at least Let your classmates know your First Name. 

Comfort zone
For most people especially introverts, making friends can be really hard. IT'S OKAY TO BE SHY.  But you could try to at least say Hi, talk to your seat neighbour, don't be the type that always wait for others to make the first move, why not you make the first move?, why not say hi first and at least look confidence and approachable? It's not easy though but it can help alot, at least people will know you are not a snob or anything close to that. 

2. SMILE (it makes you approachable too) -
    Don't just smile for no reason, LOL, you can greet someone with a smile, together with hi' will make a great combo' try saying  "good morning"  with a SMILE, not the all teeth SMILE i mean a soft smile so you don't come off as creepy.


Ask questions
Don't be "miss know - all, never confused kind of person" Try asking people for things, you could borrow a ruler, ask for directions to the bookshop or cafeteria or something, try asking for your front neighbour's Note or view on something that teacher taught.  But they should be a limit though so you don't come off as "miss always asking silly questions". In other words, ASK GOOD QUESTIONS and POLITELY. 


Good hygiene
You don't have to dress like a celebrity or anyone you wish you could be like, Clothes are Clothes, what matters is if they are neat, always smell nice, keep your nails clean, your mouth too, and people would love for that and they would love being around you,  and they might be like "i like this girl or boy, she is always neat". 


Be Yourself
   No one likes a WANNABE or a MAKE-BELIEVE human being, people love real, you too love real, me too love real. So try your best to show what and who you really are, don't fake it because you would soon be fished out and no one might want to be around you anymore.


   you don't expect to walk into a new class and expect total Strangers to hail and greet you that easily, give it time after all... ROME WAS NEVER BUILT IN A DAY. 



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   SO these are my "not so popular 7 tips to making friends in college or anywhere.
   Drop your comments below,let’s know your thoughts on this. 
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4 Ways To Get Him To Chase You Instead.

A guy chasing a girl
A rare picture from google search. 

'Sequel to 5 Signs You Might Be Doing "the Chasing Thing"

  Getting a guy to chase you holds a lot of work from your side especially on on one who might not be interested, it needs lots of patience and perseverance. 
   The chances of these tips working on him depends on your relationship with him, though it is proven to work faster on guys you've just met (or still wooing you). For it to work on other guys (an ex or a crush who hasn't noticed you yet), it might take time. 
  Well, Ladies if you have been trying so hard to get this guy's attention or let's say guilty of "the Chasing Thing". Time to Stop✋! 
    Men love the chase, they hate women who seem needy. They respond more to "secure women". Though people say "if you love someone, show them you do", it doesn't really work that way for men of this century, they love the chase; so give it to him and watch him go nowhere. 

Here are the ways for getting a guy to do the Chasing:

1. No contact. 

   I know you might have heard this "No Contact thing" many times.. Yeah 
  Apply the No Contact Rule on this guy. It's tricky because you might find him totally ignoring you and you you might be tempted to text him.. No! 
  Let him be, relax and wait, reduce your visits to social media so you stalk him (not that its bad but don't be caught). 

2. Work on improving yourself while at it.

   Not saying you should go for $6000 face lift or butt implants.. LOL. 
  This kind of improvements includes: going to the gym, do some squats, eat well, shop by yourself or with friends, read a good book, do your nails... Just relax and be you, make sure that the next time he sees you, you would be giving him a dose of what he is missing. 
  While at it, do a little soul searching; ask yourself some questions.. Do you really need him in your life?😐  

3. Have a Life of your own. 

  Apart from self improvements, have a life. Find something to keep you busy and make sure he notices by not being on line all the time on social platforms. 
  Go out with friends, take pictures, post it on face book (anywhere he is likely to see it) and make sure you are smiling broadly in all..*winks 

4. And when he contacts you.. 

   Be Mysterious. Try leaving him on "read". Try replying every 3 minutes intervals. 
  This should leave him wondering what you are up to and he would want to chip in. Don't let him yet.. Keep this on for 2 weeks but don't overdo it! 

Remember :

   Though, you are trying to get him to do the Chasing, don't change yourself for nobody, instead improve yourself. Never trade your authenticity for approval. 
   Also, your type of fun shouldn't be the 'bad' type of fun, it should be the good kind of fun; you don't want to loose your dignity all in the name of getting a guy's attention. 
   And don't stress yourself over any guy. If this doesn't work, it shows he not it, he doesn't deserve you and you deserve more❤. 


5 Signs You Might Be Doing "the Chasing Thing" .

Girl Texting A Guy
Image from: pixabay.com  

    Taking a break from self Management/ improvement posts... Pheww!! and stepping into some topics that concerns us Ladies.
   "The Chasing Thing", my definition of this is: doing all the work in a pre-relationship relationship or post-relationship.
    This has been buzzing on lately. I mean we were told not to do "the chasing thing" right before we were born, we have been keeping to that...just a few slips here and there.
   Some men are some kind of people, they make us work way too hard for them when it should be the other way round, no offence. They like to keep a sort of storage technique: "if Sarah don't work, Mitchell might, so let's keep Mitchell interested", yaay!. To them it sounds fun, but to us Ladies. It's Not.
   So there is this guy you reeeeeeally Like, you talk to him a lot but something tells you, you are the one doing all the "work", like something is not balanced...you might be guilty of "the chasing thing"...

Here are 5 blaring signs you might be doing it:

1. You always initiate convo' first. 

    The conversation always starts with you and ends with him always leaving you on read
    You try your best to bring up interesting or funny topics but he acts uninterested and this has not happened twice or once, it happens all the time because you are trying to get his attention and maybe show him how interesting you can be but he just acts like you are bothering him...hmm 

2. When he contacts you first it would be because.. 

... you posted or uploaded a nice picture of you having fun or looking happy and he thinks "hey, I'm missing out on her life".

3. You see yourself agreeing to anything he says or want. 

   When he actually talks to you, it would be for a favour, something to satisfy only him!. He makes you go out of your way to please him forgetting yourself. You find yourself being reeeeeeally nice to him, something you don't normally do. 
   But guys do smell neediness from a 1000 miles away. 

4. He always seem to be too busy for you. 

   Most especially while texting, he replies like 5 minutes late; whereas you reply him as fast as "the flash". 
   Even to return your calls seems like a hard task for him. He makes you wait for everything, even a simple reply to your texts, and most of we Ladies decide to ask 'why' he doesn't reply to our texts which makes us seem desperate 😢. 

5. You know nothing or little about him. 

   Due to the fact that you guys don't really talk about anything because most of the times you do all the talking and he just listens, nods or annoyingly replies with "kk". You don't know anything about him, he doesn't give you the chance to and that's makes you curious about him and therefore, makes you guilty of "the chasing thing". 


   Chasing a guy shouldn't be bad but they are guys, we should leave it to them because they love the chase. 
   So baby girl chill, allow him to do the chasing and if he doesn't, move on he ain't worth it.    

❤Don't forget to drop your comments on what counts "as chasing a guy" in the comments box below ❤



5 Ways To Achieve Success In Anything

Successful-Power Couple
Image from:pixabay.com 

    The secret of success for every person who has been successful lies in the fact that he formed the habit of doing those things that failure don't like to do.  
   Success means prosperity, winning, achievements!. Every human wants success.            Nobody wants to be left out or called SECOND-CLASS, every one wants FIRST-CLASS. 
   The number 1 secret of success is BELIEF. 
"believe you will and you will "
" believe you can't and fail"

 Here are Five guides to acquiring success in anything :

1. Know the value of Time. 

    Time is very precious. Everyone of us has 24hrs to manage everyday, but what we make of it determines how far you can go in success. 
   Make good use of your time doing something worthwhile. Don't procrastinator: This is why many people don't actually get there in life, because they put off till tomorrow what they could have done today. 

2. Don't shy away from opportunities. 

    Opportunities are everywhere, to be successful we must be ready to grab them as they come, or do we actually wait for it to come to us or go out there to grab it? 
   Many obstacles limit us from chasing opportunities: it might be fear of criticisms but hear this; "every moment you spend addressing a critic is a valuable moment that you take away from your dream". 
    That is just it, you have to break every limitations standing in your way. Don't postpone!.
    It  is the value you place on your opportunities that determines what you achieve. Don't wait for any sign, take the step to success. 

3. Be persistent. 

    Have a goal, work towards it and get somewhere. Check the History of any successful person you know, you will find persistence written all over them. 
     Persistence is what makes the impossible possible. Forget criticisms, if you don't want to be criticised, say nothing, do nothing and be nothing! 
   Persistence goes with patience in a way, though different. Keep on and success will be in sight. Remember the means justifies the end not the other way round. 

4. Be diligent. 

    Success is impossible until your hands are set to work. Work is what determines your worth in life. 
   Diligence means hard work, if you don't work hard for something, I'm not sure success will be in sight. 
   Hard work doesn't necessary mean 'physical lifting'. Most people who get good grades in school don't get there by reading every book in the library, they get there by studying 'smartly.
   In today's world are strive for quality not quantity, give more value, change techniques, dare to be different,work smarter and creatively and make your work your pleasure. 

5. Be original. 

   Develop an instinct for quality. Go first class in everything. 
  This is just a bonus point, not closely related to success. But to be nobody but yourself in a world that is doing its best to change you is the most successful anybody can be. 

Final Words :

   Habits are said to be  formed consciously and unconsciously and for every individual it takes them about 2 weeks (15 days) to form a habit either good or bad. 
    So it will do you good if you can consciously form the Habits (even if it's only one)  in this post and exercise them.. 


Self Respect: How To Respect Yourself

Self Respect

    Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. 
   If you don't respect yourself, others won't either, No matter how well you think you carry yourself, if you don't value yourself it will show and you will be treated as what people perceive you as". 
   People often confuse ego with self respect. It's wrong!. It's called knowing your limit and what bullsh*t you can take! 

Here are some guides to acquiring Self-Respect  in the right way :

1. Don't be a copy 

   This is the first and force most step to self respect. Chose to be Yourself. 
  Originality makes you appreciate yourself more. Remember if you don't value yourself it will show and you will be treated as what people perceive you as. 

2. Be HONEST in your dealings with others. 

   Don't let misunderstandings grow, be plain and direct but don't be harsh or rude. 
  People tend to secretly love those who tell them the truth,  but in a nice way. 
  Also, be dependable :let your YES remain YES and let your NO remain NO. 

3. Practise good self care. 

   Both mentally and physically. 
  Be neat. Be optimistic. Be slow to decide. Smell nice. 
   This makes you attractive and interesting. 
Dress appropriately for any occasion, dress how you want to be addressed.

4. Practise good public etiquette. 

    This includes: your body language, table manners, dressing, body grooming, everything! 
  You teach people how to treat you by what you reinforce. Be coy. Be kind. Be good. Be punctual to occasions. Shy away From Small Talks. Be slow to speak. 

5. Be Mysterious in a good way.

    I don't mean being shady. Be Mysterious, don't let everyone know what you are up to all the time.      That is why it is important to avoid small talks because those you discuss others with will soon discuss you with others. 

6. Don't be quick to jump Into Relationships. 

   Create boundaries first. Relax and be friends with you first. 

Final words :

   Don't loose your dignity trying to make people love you. Respect yourself enough to say "i deserve peace".   


7 Ways To Embrace Positivity In Everything


    Positivity is the state of one being optimistic mentally or physically.
  Positivity can be embraced in so many ways .This starts with you working on yourself.
   Positivity breeds good vibes, good fortune, good lifestyle,good friends,good luck.

Now let's take a look at the steps on "how to embrace positivity in everything" below

  1. Love yourself
  2. Believe in yourself.
  3. Letting go of the past (focusing more on things that matter)
  4. Learn to look at the brighter sides of things.
  5. Avoiding Negativity from every angle (friends,family,work colleagues,etc)
  6. Get acquainted with yourself.
  7. Motivate yourself daily

1. Love yourself

   This is all that matters in this case of positivity.When you are comfortable in your own skin,you tend to practise more positivity.
   Think of yourself daily as someone who is capable of anything, achieving the unachievable and see what you will get in return. Positive vibes!

2. Believe in yourself

   Believing in you for you means a lot in this scenario. You only need to believe that something is possible before it becomes possible.
   What the rest of the world doesn't get is that you actually get what you believe is possible.

3. Letting go of the past

   This includes focusing on the things that matter. When you let go,you let go of regrets, a lot easier than dwelling on it right?

4. Learn to look on the brighter sides of things

    This means trying to view life in a lovely and good perspective .
    Although, life sucks but it doesn't have to be that bad if at least you give it a chance to be good and take a minute to appreciate the good things left of it.

5. Avoid Negativity from every angle

   Avoid negative impact from friends and family and foes. Shun critics. 
   If you associate with the wrong people,they will influence your life negatively.

6. Get acquainted with yourself

   Think good thoughts,think nice thoughts. Love yourself like you are in a relationship with yourself.
    Take care of your body. Give yourself a treat daily basis. Live Healthy.

7. Motivate yourself daily

Fill your phone gallery with motivational quotes.
Manage your life like a bank would your money.
  Dwell on positive quotes on daily basis. Lastly,focus your thoughts on what is true, good and right. Think pure and lovely thoughts 

How To Love Yourself More-7 Ways

Girl happy
Image from: pixabay.com  

    We already have steps from my last post How To Practise Self Care  , that self love is something you do for you and a thing of the heart.
   Let's consider some reasons why we should even practise self love. It's simple "if you don't love yourself, no one will!!"
   Loving yourself depends a lot on you and you should, as a matter of fact, you should love you. 
    It takes steps and determination and lots of letting go. But it works better if you are ready and interested in loving yourself.

   Take a look at these laid down steps below:


  • Who are you and what makes you stand out in the crowd?
  • What are those things you feel you are lacking?
  • What do you need them for?
     If you setting your priorities straight you should be able to group yourself (what you have and what you don't have) in no time.


  •  Are you making use of what you have at the moment?
  • What are your limitations?
  • What name have you made for yourself with what you already have?


    As easy as it sounds,it might take a while to detach yourself from people who make you feel less of yourself. But it's something that needs to be done and fast.
    You must be choosy about the type of people you associate with in life,because your association determines how far you go in life.
  Think about people who bring you up and not bring you down!


    Think about this: what if you had everything you thought you were lacking would you have gone this far in life?
   Most people reminisce on what they want forgetting what they need.
  • Are you wanting or needing?
  • Are you wanting the right things for you?
  Think about this.


   Acceptance makes it a lot easier. When you don't love yourself, people tend to see through your insecurities and use it against you . 
Love you and see what happens when you learn to be comfortable in your own skin.
   Many people spend their entire lives trying to change the way their were made. Be what you are and you will be at peace with yourself.


    Stay away from places or people that remind you of your flaws.


  Be patient. All things are difficult before they become easy._ saadi


   Don't try to imitate anyone and think you will get anything out of it.
   You are unique, you are special and you are not like the rest of the world and that's makes you special.

7 steps to making friends in College

  For most people starting afresh can be   hard especially when it comes to making "new Friends from "new Strangers in a &quo...