4 Ways To Get Him To Chase You Instead.

A guy chasing a girl
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'Sequel to 5 Signs You Might Be Doing "the Chasing Thing"

  Getting a guy to chase you holds a lot of work from your side especially on on one who might not be interested, it needs lots of patience and perseverance. 
   The chances of these tips working on him depends on your relationship with him, though it is proven to work faster on guys you've just met (or still wooing you). For it to work on other guys (an ex or a crush who hasn't noticed you yet), it might take time. 
  Well, Ladies if you have been trying so hard to get this guy's attention or let's say guilty of "the Chasing Thing". Time to Stop✋! 
    Men love the chase, they hate women who seem needy. They respond more to "secure women". Though people say "if you love someone, show them you do", it doesn't really work that way for men of this century, they love the chase; so give it to him and watch him go nowhere. 

Here are the ways for getting a guy to do the Chasing:

1. No contact. 

   I know you might have heard this "No Contact thing" many times.. Yeah 
  Apply the No Contact Rule on this guy. It's tricky because you might find him totally ignoring you and you you might be tempted to text him.. No! 
  Let him be, relax and wait, reduce your visits to social media so you stalk him (not that its bad but don't be caught). 

2. Work on improving yourself while at it.

   Not saying you should go for $6000 face lift or butt implants.. LOL. 
  This kind of improvements includes: going to the gym, do some squats, eat well, shop by yourself or with friends, read a good book, do your nails... Just relax and be you, make sure that the next time he sees you, you would be giving him a dose of what he is missing. 
  While at it, do a little soul searching; ask yourself some questions.. Do you really need him in your life?😐  

3. Have a Life of your own. 

  Apart from self improvements, have a life. Find something to keep you busy and make sure he notices by not being on line all the time on social platforms. 
  Go out with friends, take pictures, post it on face book (anywhere he is likely to see it) and make sure you are smiling broadly in all..*winks 

4. And when he contacts you.. 

   Be Mysterious. Try leaving him on "read". Try replying every 3 minutes intervals. 
  This should leave him wondering what you are up to and he would want to chip in. Don't let him yet.. Keep this on for 2 weeks but don't overdo it! 

Remember :

   Though, you are trying to get him to do the Chasing, don't change yourself for nobody, instead improve yourself. Never trade your authenticity for approval. 
   Also, your type of fun shouldn't be the 'bad' type of fun, it should be the good kind of fun; you don't want to loose your dignity all in the name of getting a guy's attention. 
   And don't stress yourself over any guy. If this doesn't work, it shows he not it, he doesn't deserve you and you deserve more❤. 


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