5 Signs You Might Be Doing "the Chasing Thing" .

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    Taking a break from self Management/ improvement posts... Pheww!! and stepping into some topics that concerns us Ladies.
   "The Chasing Thing", my definition of this is: doing all the work in a pre-relationship relationship or post-relationship.
    This has been buzzing on lately. I mean we were told not to do "the chasing thing" right before we were born, we have been keeping to that...just a few slips here and there.
   Some men are some kind of people, they make us work way too hard for them when it should be the other way round, no offence. They like to keep a sort of storage technique: "if Sarah don't work, Mitchell might, so let's keep Mitchell interested", yaay!. To them it sounds fun, but to us Ladies. It's Not.
   So there is this guy you reeeeeeally Like, you talk to him a lot but something tells you, you are the one doing all the "work", like something is not balanced...you might be guilty of "the chasing thing"...

Here are 5 blaring signs you might be doing it:

1. You always initiate convo' first. 

    The conversation always starts with you and ends with him always leaving you on read
    You try your best to bring up interesting or funny topics but he acts uninterested and this has not happened twice or once, it happens all the time because you are trying to get his attention and maybe show him how interesting you can be but he just acts like you are bothering him...hmm 

2. When he contacts you first it would be because.. 

... you posted or uploaded a nice picture of you having fun or looking happy and he thinks "hey, I'm missing out on her life".

3. You see yourself agreeing to anything he says or want. 

   When he actually talks to you, it would be for a favour, something to satisfy only him!. He makes you go out of your way to please him forgetting yourself. You find yourself being reeeeeeally nice to him, something you don't normally do. 
   But guys do smell neediness from a 1000 miles away. 

4. He always seem to be too busy for you. 

   Most especially while texting, he replies like 5 minutes late; whereas you reply him as fast as "the flash". 
   Even to return your calls seems like a hard task for him. He makes you wait for everything, even a simple reply to your texts, and most of we Ladies decide to ask 'why' he doesn't reply to our texts which makes us seem desperate 😢. 

5. You know nothing or little about him. 

   Due to the fact that you guys don't really talk about anything because most of the times you do all the talking and he just listens, nods or annoyingly replies with "kk". You don't know anything about him, he doesn't give you the chance to and that's makes you curious about him and therefore, makes you guilty of "the chasing thing". 


   Chasing a guy shouldn't be bad but they are guys, we should leave it to them because they love the chase. 
   So baby girl chill, allow him to do the chasing and if he doesn't, move on he ain't worth it.    

❤Don't forget to drop your comments on what counts "as chasing a guy" in the comments box below ❤



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