10 Signs She's Tired Of The Relationship

   "It's not you, it's me"  

   Just like the men, women are also that complicated when it comes to understanding them. Mostly like men too, they are non- verbal beings that is to us ladies our actions should be enough for you to understand us.
    Unfortunately, men are not that endowed with the "always know all" power. That is why it can be really hard for a man to kind of understand a woman's cause of action because they don't know what to think or how to respond and for all they care it could be the "cramps".
    Well, for this post we'll be discussing on how to know if a woman is tired of the relationship, quite a topic right?. This post should be helpful to men who can already feel it in their bones that this is way more than the "cramps" and that your lady might be trying to pass a message across, because that's all most women do; drop hints and clues hoping you'd get it.

Signs she might be tired of the relationship.  

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1. Communication from her side falls below average-
I'm trying to use a catchy sub-heading here. When a women or anybody else is tired of associating with you, they do stuffs like avoid your calls, ignores almost every texts, closes up on things they normally share with you. The way they communicate with you becomes different and clear that they don't want to be in your life anymore. 

2. Stops including you in her social life- You remember those times she normally do discuss alot of things with you like you're her bff?..she stops that, keeping you aloof of everything going on in her life because back then you used to be first to know anything and everything about her. That she stops too. 

3. She becomes "hard" to please- In other words, she becomes easily irritated by every humanly mistake you make. Even things that shouldn't be taken seriously suddenly makes her angry, you know why?.. She wants out. 

4. Her current response to your "I LOVE YOUs"- Becomes either "Okay", "I know" or something else you don't have a good feeling about. 

5. She stops being curious about you- One quality of a woman in love is curiousness. If you are loved by someone they always want to know everything that is going on your life. That's just science, once she stops trying to know what happened at the office or who the lady she saw you with is then she might really be considering ending the relationship. 

6. She constantly asks for "trap-kind" of favors- The type of things she suddenly wants from you become ridiculous, she asks favors from you as if she is out to get you. When a woman acts like this, she is obviously looking for something to make you feel guilty for so she can end the relationship because it's not you, it's her. 

7. Your pictures slowly disappear from her social media- This doesn't necessary mean that a woman is tired of a relationship but it's another sign to look out for once you have experienced at least three of any of the signs above. 

8. She flirts with your friends in your presence- I mean you are a man you should know when a lady is flirting. She does this to piss you off and maybe you might get her other clues. Watch out brother. 

9. Stops giving you sex- Well not a sure sign but it's probably one. Except you haven't experienced any of the signs above then this sign should not considered at all. 

10. She obviously doesn't care anymore and you can feel it- Nothing you do makes her happy anymore. She lets you win all the arguments. She no longer puts efforts in the relationship and you already know it. 

What to do?- Like i said its not you, it's her. Try and talk to her about her actions, she will definitely open up to you. If you find yourself guilty of any accusations, try to change. If it becomes something you can't handle or talk your way through then maybe it's time to end the relationship.         

Helpful Ways To Set Goals And Accomplish Them

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     Every bit of human progress were first visualized before they became realities.
    A goal is an objective, a purpose. A goal is more than a dream. It's a dream being acted upon with the hope of accomplishing it. A goal is more than a hazy "oh i wish i could". A goal is a clear "this is what i'm working toward".
     Goals are necessary for success as air is to life. No one ever stubbles into success without goals but without the will of power, a goal cannot go through because to set a goal is something but to accomplish it is another.
     In order to accomplish goals, you need to know how to set them because you can't simply say "i want to get this" and expect it to happen that easily. It starts with a lot of hard work because goals won't complete themselves. You need to keep a tight rein in your pursuit of them. Get started. Keep going. Accomplish your dreams.  

So how can one set goals and accomplish them?

1. Make it S.M.A.R.T- Acronyms for: 
S= specific- Your goals should be specific, it must be exactly what you want and straightforward. Find goals that will create a balance in your life, goals that will make you happy and also make those around you happy too. 

M= meaningful- Set goals that make sense and are valuable to you and others, don’t just set goals because you feel like. Set goals because its useful and that it will contribute positively in your life and those around you.  

A= attainable- Set goals you know are definitely out there for you especially if you are in for a short term goal (1 year) then think with time and set goals that can be accomplished before the end of  time given.
R= realistic- So many words can go with this 'R' but i'm going with realistic. In as much as we all love shooting for the stars which is not a bad thing by the way. When it comes to goal setting you've to consider your resources because you can't be making less than $100,000 annually and set a goal to become a billionaire in a year; not saying it takes $100,000 to become a billionaire but let's be realistic here, it doesn't happen like that. So keep your goals grounded in reality.

T= timely- Your goals should have a deadline, at least the short term ones. Set a schedule for it.

2. Write it/them down- Be detailed and specific. Also include their deadlines. Word your writing positively because it tends to make the goals half way done. Keep it safe for reference.

3. Break it/them down- This is another step that helps in goal setting because it controls bulkiness and makes those big goals of ours less overwhelming. It's okay to break them(goals) down and take them one at a time, this makes it easier and likely achievable.

4. Discipline yourself- Just like i said to set goals can be a little bit easy than putting them into practice. Discipline means to make yourself do something even when you don't feel like it. Start working toward it today, don't wait till next week or next time. Even if you don't know what your first course of action should be yet, start doing something and keep doing it till it becomes a habit.

5. Final Points- 

  • Avoid feelings like the popular "false hope syndrome"
  • Remember that every failure has a lesson to teach. 
  •  Always remind yourself daily of what you have to accomplish that is the goals, this will help get through difficulty and make you more passionate about your goals. 
  • Say yes to new opportunities you never know what is really in store for, you can still have your goals and still be able to do something else. Keep an open mind. 

Health Benefits Of Carrots🥕

Fresh bunch of carrots"/>
    Carrots are one of the most widely used and eaten vegetables in the world. They come in different colors or varieties of red, purple, orange and white but the most popular and currently used is the orange carrot, which was developed by the dutch farmers in the 16th and 17th centuries(+)

   So what makes carrots special? 

Oh they are a lot and we'll be discussing them below:

1. Carrots prevents night blindness- carrots are known to be rich in Beta-carotene which when taken is converted into Vitamin A by the liver, transferred to the retina then to the rhodopsin which is the light sensitive part of the eye that enables vision in low light conditions. Thus, carrots supplies, through Beta-carotene adequate Vitamin A to the rhodopsin to control night blindness.

2. Cancer prevention- carrots reduces the risks of lung cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. How?, scientists recently discovered falcarinol and falcarindiol in the roots of carrots which they feel cause the anti cancer properties. Falcarinol is a natural pesticide produced by carrots that protects its roots from fungal diseases while falcarindiol is the main compound responsible for bitterness in carrots.

3. Healthy skin- The magical Beta-carotene and Vitamin A in carrots also acts as antioxidant to cell damage done to the body by the sun. They also prevent aging, premature wrinkling, acne, dry skin, blemishes and uneven skin tone. Carrots can also be used as a very inexpensive and convenient beauty face mask(+)

4. Prevention of heart diseases- High cholesterol is a major factor that triggers heart diseases. Since regular consumption of carrots reduces cholesterol level,it is adviced to eat at least enough everyday.

5. Controls blood pressure- Carrots are rich in potassium, which is a vasodilator and can relax the tension of the blood vessels and arteries, thereby increasing blood flow and easy circulation.

Sources: Organic factsWikipedia


How To Enjoy Being Single

Happy girl yellow"/>
Jeez, I hate yellow!
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     Although being single might look like a hard thing to pull off, it's not. Being single has its many advantages which are:
  • It gives you time to love yourself . 
  • It gives you time to be yourself.
  • It give you time to think about why you're single. 
  • It gives you time to set standards for the next relationship. 
  • And also time to improve yourself. 
As you have seen or read, the advantages are enough to catch your eyes or not; the most important thing is knowing how to enjoy the single life now that you have because truth be told relationships can be stressful even if you are happy in it. 

   So how can you enjoy being single? 

1. Put yourself first- This time around you are dating you so treat you like you are in a relationship with you... too many YOUs?, it's not a typo. 
    Focus on making yourself happy, try to treat yourself to things you never had the chance to do when you were in a relationship.[How To Love Yourself More

2. Focus on self growth- Work on improving yourself even if you don't want to. Stop wallowing in regrets and 'could have beens', get up and something nice for you because its just you, you don't have to answer to anyone for now.[How To Trigger Personal Growth]  

3. Get lost- I meant go on a vacation or something, just leave town if you can. If you can't then find a way to occupy your mind and have fun. Get a hobby, go out with friends, focus your mind on becoming a better person not a pity party. 

How To Be A Likeable Person| 7 Ways.

Rihanna smiling"/>
    A likeable person isn't a someone without flaws or someone perfect. It is very easy to become one if you decide to.
   Though everyone has the right to live their lives as they like, they are certain steps one might want to take to improve relationships with those around them. Becoming a likeable person can go a long way in socialization but it's all a matter of choice.

  So how does one become likeable? 

1. Smile- I know you must have heard this many times, well it still works because it makes you look friendly and more approachable and guess what, an approachable person is a likeable person. So show them that beautiful smile of yours. 

2. Practice good self - grooming- Another tip to becoming a likeable person. Do well to smell nice or don't smell at all. Be neat, the world appreciates those who go the extra mile to make people around comfortable; i do too! 

3. Be polite- Being polite focuses more on how you react to situations. Even when under pressure, try to control yourself and people will love you for that. 
    Always speak kindly of yourself and those around you and don't forget to return favours. 

4. Watch your body language- Be watchful of what your body movements unconsciously or consciously say to people, you might mean another thing and your body language would mean another.[How To Improve Your Body Language ]    

5. Always dress for style and respect not for attention- This doesn't mean you should become a slave to fashion. Just know that your dressing determines how people will address you, so dress modestly. 

6. Be helpful- People like volunteers, do something nice one in a while like helping the elderly cross the road but remember its only if you want to. 

7. Be current and opinionated- Be the type of person who knows the 'what's up' in the world and around you and always have a smart opinion about it. This is because people will judge you from your answers, so try to choose your words or don't at all. 

8. Be true to yourself- In as much as you want to be likeable, you shouldn't forget your worth in the process because that's what makes you. Be unique and the right people will like you for that. 

9. Be emulative- Be someone people can learn positive things from and look up to. Work on your confidence, be honest, be positive and never try to pretend in order to gain approval instead work on improving yourself.[How To Improve Your Personality]    

3 Ways To Improve Your Body Language Positively

Body Language? 

   This is the conscious and unconscious movement and postures by which attitude and feelings are reflected. This is also the process of communicating what you are feeling or thinking by the way you place or move your body rather than by words.
    Body language do give people away most of the times especially in conversations, it shows to the other person how interested you are in the convo'. A negative body language can portray a positive person as a negative person while a positive body language can portary a negative person as positive.

    A bad body language can cost you a lot especially if you don't know you've portraying a bad body language.
    The human body is sub-divided into 3: 
  • the face
  •  the torso
  •  and the hips down to the feet. 
    It's very important you take note of this because all three of them contribute in the illustration of a person's body language.. 

So how can one improve their body language positively? 

1. The Face-
Face Model cute"/>
  •  Be open with your emotions; if you are happy, angry, sad or surprised show that on your face.   
  • Watch your smile, avoid smiling too much people might see you as dumb or fake and avoid smiling too little too just keep it to a minimum  
  • Your laugh- people do read meanings into laughter. Always laugh with control unless people around might view you as unserious. 
  • Always maintain eye contact when talking to someone, avoid staring. 
  • Avoid touching your face when in a convo' with someone or in public, it shows nervousness. 
  • Avoid nodding too much, it makes you look like you can't wait to end the conversation.

2. The Torso-
Human body no head-Torso"/>
   This is from your neck to the top of your hips.   
  •  Avoid crossing your arms while in a convo' with someone, it shows arrogance and defensiveness. 
  • Avoid slouching, shows you are lazy or bored. 
  • Avoid leaning back too far, it kinda shows aggressiveness. 
  • Avoid trying to get people's attention with your fingers or hands, its rude. 
  • Do give firm handshakes, it shows confidence. 
  • Avoid checking your watch or phone when in a conversation, it shows can't wait to end the conversation.

3. From the hips to your feet-
Hot man legs"/>
  • Avoid crossing your legs when talking to someone, shows arrogance. 
  • Always reduce the physical distance between you and the other person it shows attentiveness. 
  • Avoid distracting the other person by constantly moving your feet or legs, it shows tension. 

      So these the few helpful ways you can improve your body language, one more tip always try to mirror the other person in that way you will be conscious of yourself. 
   Drop some in the comments box if you have more to add the list 🌸🌸

6 Helpful Ways To Deal With Critical People


    A critical (also a critic) person is someone who we might say likes to make careful judgments about the good and the bad qualities of somebody or something.
   Critical people can be grouped into two:

1. The critical person who focuses more on the positive qualities of somebody or something.
2. The critical person who focuses on the negatives of somebody or something, which in this article we will be discussing the critical person who focuses on the negatives and how we can handle them or deal with them.

   A negative critical person is someone who we might say kills the vibes of people, they breath negativity and kinda eat negativity, they like to make certain comments that might not be that pleasing to the ears. Though most people call them honest, some don't. People like me find them not fit to be in my circle because who needs that kind of negativity in one's life?

   So what steps can one take in dealing or handling critical people? 

1. Try not to take their words personal- See i said try, in as much as they will always want you to take their words to heart. Trying to rise above those words which are just words will help you a lot.
How?- by simply objectifying the comments that is try to know they might be trying to say not how they said it because as long as you don't take their words to heart, it's not your problem. 

2. Understand that most of the time, their opinions are sometimes useful- Like i stated above, most critical people are honest. You can always count on them for one or two "very" honest feedbacks. 

3. You are always free tell them how you feel about their behaviour- Do remember to be subtle because critics like to feed on people's weaknesses, so try not show them how deeply they've hurt you with their words because its just words nothing physical. 
How?- Always begin with a joke, never jump straight in because you might end up not getting anywhere with them. Ex: "hey, i know what you going to say but can you give me a different opinion on this new skirt?". This is you indirectly tell them to say something nice for once. 

4. Don't ask for their opinion if you can't take it- In as much as they can be honest about things, they also have a bad way of constructing words in their minds. They do not mince words, so don't  expect 'nice' honesty from them. 
   My advice, if you really need an honest feedbacks give it to yourself because who best can make you feel good if not you? 

5. Be kind to them- wasn't expecting this right?, you think they deserve the opposite of kindness. The key to dealing with critical people is not to treat them as they do you because two wrongs can never make a right, so be the 'right' one. 

6. Avoid them if everything else fails- No one needs that kind of negativity in this life, if it has gotten to the point where you can't stand their guts, increase your pace and stay away from them. 

He's Just Not That Into You: 8 Signs You're The Side Chick

Guy-Cheating-Side Chick/>

   Everybody once in a while, have tried to convince themselves of the non obvious, especially in relationships.

   Harsh as it may sound, when a girl is into a guy that might not really be interested. She tries to see things that are not there and ignore the red flags because she wants to either hope to change his mind or believe the opposite of what she already knows, and some men may not want to hurt our feelings by telling the truth about their intentions.

   Love is beautiful when it's balanced, this is why It’s important to always read the signs and believe what he’s trying to tell you almost non verbally instead of trying to convince ourselves of  the non obvious.

    Guys (the good ones who doesn't want to waste your time) tell the truth in their own way. They are actually not too verbal like us, the communication pattern is way different, they are more action- driven. That is they show their feelings by their behaviour towards you. You don't expect a guy to be that blunt, most guys do have hearts.   
    So why not save yourself the heartache and face the obvious facts, except you're not sure of course, then have a look at the following signs to watch out for in order to know if you're the side chick:

1. He doesn’t call or text you as he should. 

   A man who wants to call you will do so even if he leaves you his number, it's not a sure sign that he genuinely wants to pursue you.
    There's an age-old principle still valid today that men enjoy the chase but when a hardly calls or text without good reason, its just obvious that he isn't interested. 

2. He's protective of his phone.

    Everyone complains of, people like their privacy a lot but when it comes to someone you are already share some intimacy with, you might be curious to know what's up. 
     This becomes bad when the guy hardly takes his calls in your presence, then that should be a warning sign cause he's shady baby. 

3. He doesn’t ask questions. 

   A guy who is interested in you would want to get to know you, will ask a lot important questions to show his interest.    Guys who wants to add you to their collection of side chicks will ask a whole different set of questions or none at all. 

4. Acts weird when you guys are together in public. 

     He refuses to hold your hand or show affection in public. This might be because he is probably dating someone else or scared another of his side chick might see him with someone else ie. you. Some guys might use shyness as an excuse which you know is a big lie because when two people are really in love with each other, shyness is a no no. 

5. Avoids taking Selfies with you.

   Forget how funny and simple this might sound to you but a guy that dodges taking selfies with you like a 'grenade' should be watched closely, whenever you tilt your phone to take a picture with him he tries his best to avoid it. He is simply afraid his other chicks might see the picture somehow. 

6. You have never been invited to a family or friends gathering. 

    If you have never met a guy's family or friends without reasons(mainly yours) then it's a sign you are not the 'Main Chick'. 

7. Gifts are non-existent.

   Though guys are not walking ATMs, a guy who likes you will always try to surprise you with little gifts. As in you can feel it in your bones that he's really into you by those little gestures of love.

8. You can feel the lack of interest.

   You can feel if a guy isn’t as interested in you as you’d like him to be. You know it, it only depends on if you want to believe so. 
    Respect yourself enough to  detach yourself from such relationship despite how painful and hard it would be. A relationship where you always feel like there's another chick, where he hardly calls you his girlfriend or shows you off. Trust what you feel because love should never be one-sided. 

3 Reasons Why It Always Seems Too Hard To Get Over An Ex

Ex-relationships-sad couple/>
Image from: pixabay.com 

    Sometimes when we realise what we've lost, that's when it becomes most important to us. We strive to become whatever we need to get it back, that is how getting over an ex feels like.
     This happens because without knowing it someone can carve out perfectly a little space in our heart and lives. That's why it always seems too hard to move on after a break up because of that impact they made in our lives.

      Here are some of the reasons why it always seems too hard to get over an ex 😭.

  1. You miss them.
  2. Your ex seems to have moved on.
  3.  You have this 'thing' that no one can measure up to your ex.  

1. You miss them-  it is normal to miss an ex because of how good they made you feel. But remember this is a stage and you have to remember why you broke  up with them in the first place.
 Action to take: Try not feel sorry for yourself because every step back is push to move forward and learn from it.

2. Your ex seems to have moved on- the feeling of having to see your ex move on after the break can be very painful especially if they are happy in the new relationship. Not that you should wish your ex bad but the feeling sucks.
Action to take: the only way you might be to get over this is moving on for real, try vacations, try hanging out more with friends, don't just rush into a relationship because your ex has moved on. Try to date yourself for a while and explore the beauty of singleness.

3. You have this 'thing' that no one can measure up to your ex-  the fact that you know them so well makes you think that they can't be replaced. Yeah, i know the feeling.
Action to take: you have to move on, have fun, avoid contacting your ex for the main time, do some things you have been meaning to do. Do try to give someone else a chance but not immediately, give yourself time to heal first.

Long Distance Relationships: 6 Steps To Making It Work

Long distance relationship :    

    No one said being in a long distance relationship with your significant other would be easy, even the 'close' distance relationships are not that easy.

    Alot of people that are in long distance relationships didn't choose to be in one (no one likes to be apart from the ones they love) but due to some circumstances like works, family relocations it got to happen.
     I know a lot of people who chose to end their relationships because of distance, not that i'm trying to judge anybody because people have reasons for making certain decisions. But ending a relationship shouldn't be the only solution to making a long distance relationship work because distance means nothing when your significant other means everything.

    To make a long distance relationship work, you both have to make a some little adjuments or compromise; take it as a sacrifice or a storm which will some day become calm.
     Well for those who are already in a long distance relationship or those who are planning to be in one, here are my NOT-SO-STEVE HARVEY suggestions to making a long distance relationship work.

1. Communication.
           distance-relationship-cute couples" />
    Communication is the key to every successful long distance relationship. Staying in contact, which is what communication means shows a lot of care and concern.
   Try your best to keep the communication 99.9% on because lack of it makes people to grow apart even without knowing it. To achieve this, you have to follow certain DOs listed below:
  • Do call at least once a day despite any schedule. 
  • Do try and talk about little important things. 
  • Do text if can't call.
  • Do have good reasons for not calling or texting, this shows that you actually care about their feelings. 
  • Do have good reasons for not taking their calls because it shows you haven't lost interest in them and that they are not bothering you. 
  • Do initate a lot of video calls. Visual is good, thanks to technology: WhatsApp MessengerFacebook and Imo chat; now comes with free video calling. 

2. Visit often if you can. 
<img src="https://creamq.blogspot.com.ng/2017/07/long-distance-relationship.html" alt="Long Distance Relationships-travels" />
    Just like how staying in touch helps in a long distance relationship so does your significant other seeing you in flesh and blood once in a while. 
     Try making out time from your too busy schedule to visit one another. This might not be possible if you live in different countries, but if you can then do it. 

3. A little understanding helps. 
alt="Long Distance Relationships" />
     Know that your partner is human, don't hold grudges for long when you know that you too can make mistakes too. Especially if they don't call. That is why i mentioned above that you should always have a good reason for not calling or texting. Even when your partner doesn't have a good reason for their actions, don't be scared or start to assume the worst. Give them time and space because your partner might still be adjusting to the fact that you guys are far away from each other. 
     Things you should do in such situations :
  • Do show them your full time support by letting them know that.
  • Do respect their decision of wanting some space for a while but not longer than a week. 
  • Don't be irrational or jump into conclusions. 
  • When you think your partner is ready, try and get to know their reasons for not wanting to keep in touch for a while making sure you choose your words carefully to avoid hurting their feelings. 
  • Do tell them how their decision made you feel. 

4. Trust is essential. 
alt="Long Distance Relationship-Trust" />

      Yes, trust is another key to make this work but still the one thing that make people scared of going into a long distance relationship. 
     How to do you achieve this?  
  • Do let them know those you roll with. 
  • Don't ever take your partner for granted or things that concerns them. 
  • Don't try to make every discussion about you, give them a chance to express themselves too. 
  • Do remember special dates in your significant other’s life, this shows seriousness and also creates trust between the two of you. 

5. Openness. 
      How comfortable you're with your partner determines how open you will be with each other. If you are not comfortable in telling or sharing things with your partner, what are you still doing in the relationship? 
     To achieve this you must put the following into considerations.
  • Do try and be free with your significant other. 
  • Don't try to hide your feelings from them. 
  • Do learn to share. 
  • Do tell them about your day. 
  • Don't try to rub it in their face that you're having more fun than they are. 
  • Don't ever hide a bad day from them, though they might not be of any help but they are still important enough to know whats going on in your life. 

6. Surprise them as often as you can. 
alt="man holding flowers behind back" />
      Put on your best act, it doesn't need that much of a skill to surprise someone. How?

  • Show up unexpected to their work place. 
  • Show up to their birthdays bearing gifts of course. 
  • Always remind them of how important they are to you by celebrating them. 
  • Show little acts of love that reminds them why they fell in love with you in the first place. 

Things to keep in mind always:
  • Know that all kinds of love requires efforts. 
  • Always treat your partner how you want to be treated. 
  • Stay in touch as much as possible but try not to 'suffocate' your partner because though distance makes the heart grow fonder, too much presence doesn't. 
  • Surprise them as often as you can. 
  • Learn to show some little acts of love from time to time. 
  • Never give them a reason to doubt you for one day, though no one is perfect but every body knows the right from wrong. 


Images from: Pixabay

7 Signs You Are Probably Dating A Narcissist


    Every time the word “narcissist” is pops up, the first thing that comes to mind is 'a person who puts himself first more than anything or anyone else. 
  As defined by wikipedia, narcissism are over exaggerated feeling of self Importance, excessive need for admiration and lack of understanding of others' feelings. Not to be confused with 'egocentrism' which is the feeling of self Importance but no excessive need for admiration.   
    I can tell you narcissists can be quite of a challenge to spot, especially if you’re the naive type.
   So in an effort to help you get to know him for who he truly is before you fall head over heels for him, here are the most obvious signs you should look for.

1. He talks about himself all the time. 

   He has this inflated sense of self. Every topic you ever discuss with him always revolves around himself. 
  It's normal for narcissists to try and be the centre of every topic of discussion. As long as he is not the one talking, the discussion is irrelevant. 
   In as much this pisses you off, you only deal with this by just keeping mute because guess what he is talking about himself and nothing about you is going to be epic at that point. 

2. He was irresistibly charming. 

   This sign is also common about normal people because narcassit are not normal for sure. His charming and romantic flair is usually visible during the early stages of the relationship because he's trying to impress you. Yeah, show me a girl who wouldn't fall for that... Then along the line, when he has finally wooed you over, he shows his true colours and acts up like you begged to be in a relationship with him. 

3. He disregards your feelings 

  Narcissists possess an exaggerated sense of superiority and they think that they’re above every person. 
   He does whatever he wants without fear of ridicule. Be careful he might get you in trouble. He does not care about your feelings or anyone’s feeling. 

4. He has a way of always making everything about him. 

  A simple argument becomes about him, even when it's obviously wrong but like a flash he becomes the victim and you the villain. 
  The only way to deal with this is not to argue further, just look for a way to end the argument without really apologising. Of course, you're that smart. 

5. He doesn't take "NO" for an answer. 

  This is another obvious sign that your man is a narcissistic. He always finds a way to make you do things your normal self wouldn't want to do. He overturns your personal decisions. 
  Try dealing with this by being firm in your decisions. Never let him decide whats best for you. If he persists, then consider dumping his monkey ass. 

6. He wants to be in control of everything. 

   Have you ever felt like you’re dumb in a relationship? If so, this could be because your guy is a narcissist who wants to take control of you, your personal life, and practically everything. 

7. He sulks. 

   'The cold shoulder'
He does that often anytime he doesn't get what he he wants. He does that hoping you would give in and most of time it works for him. 

Final note ❤❤

   Though being in a relationship with a narcissistic person can be hard. It requires a lot of efforts, which not be worth it if you ask me.
    So decide wisely. Stay only if you know you can handle it but kindly leave if it is something you seriously can't handle.

  Whats your take on this article?? 
   Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

Love, Lust and Infatuation: How To Tell The Difference.

Love, Lust and Infatuation: How To Tell The Difference.  

Love Questions
Image from:pixabay.com  

   The confusion continues: Love, Lust and Infatuation, which is which?
  One of the keys to a successful relationship is knowing the difference between love, lust and infatuation. 

 Love, Lust and Infatuation.... 

 LUST is a very strong sexual desire or craving for someone. Lust tends to focus a little too much on physical attraction, everything about the relationship revolves around sex. There is no good foundation, no good communication, your partner feels like a stranger because nothing interesting really happens. It's just all about the body. 

LOVE is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. It can be your friend, partner, child, relative or parents. It focuses more on devotion. 
    The feelings are obviously genuine. Nothing feels like a game. Honesty, trust, feeling of security and openness are present. [Keys To Achieving a Happy Relationship. ]  

INFATUATION is an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something. This can be very confusing because most of the time it feels like love. This can occur at the beginning of relationships when intimacy is central.  
   It's more of an emotion thing, usually selfish like because both parties are mostly with satisfying only themselves. 

    Now we're clear, what's your take on this post??? 

Why Should You Care?: 6 Guides To Not Giving a F*ck.

Why Should You Care?: 6 Guides To Not Giving a F*ck.

Angry girl
Image from:pixabay.com  

   Trying to figure out how to be okay with yourself can help a great in 'how not care about what others think' , though it can be a long procedure. In any case, it's possible, here are reasons why you need to care less about what others think...

   We as a whole care considerably a lot about what other individuals consider us. Some care more than others. However, to some extent, we as a whole have other individuals' conclusions in the back of our brains when we accomplish something. That is the reason knowing how to be okay with yourself isn't really that simple.

  We're continually comparing ourselves to others. That is an awful quality of life. I know at some point in your life, you need to investigate yourself. Is it true that you are carrying on with the life YOU need or would you say you are trying to live up to what other individuals expect of you?

What happens when you contrast yourself with others? 

  When you contrast yourself with another person, you'll never be okay with your identity. You won't be content with your life, your appearance, everything.

Being okay with yourself is an inside job. Before you can figure out how to be okay with yourself, you need to change your state of mind.

  Now, why you should STOP caring about what others think of you?. 

1. You will never feel good about yourself.

   This is the most compelling motivation to quit giving a fuck about what others think.    You'll never get much of anywhere in life if you keep attempting to please everybody.
   Actually, it'll keep you away from your maximum capacity. You have such a great amount to offer, yet not every person will like it. In that case, why not simply concentrate on you?

2. No one really cares as much as you assume they do. 

  Believe it or not, most of thoughts you have about what others might be thinking of you are mostly not true, they are mostly what we assume.
  People talk but those you think are really talking might turn out to be the mute ones. Most people have better things to do than talk about people, then again we have people who aren't but that's life.

3. You can't please everyone.

"You can't please everyone, you're not pizza"     
If people don't like you for being yourself, what can you do?. Technically, you can't get people to think like you or like you but you can choose to ignore their thoughts and besides every moment you spend addressing a critic is a valuable moment that you take away from your dream.

4.  Caring just damages your confidence. 

 Would you like to feel crappy about yourself? No! I'm sure you need to know how to be okay with yourself and that begins with not caring about what others think of you. If you're the type of person who is continually curious of what others think of you, you'll never be confident.

5. It's your life not theirs. 

   So seriously, they have no place to judge. Your life is yours. As long as other people do not contribute a dime to it, no one gets to have a say. They clearly have no right to decide how you live your life. So why care about what they think of you?

6. Your assumptions become habits. 

  Habits takes two weeks to form, says the Internet. Every moment you spend 'digging' into what people think or say about you, you actually become obsessed and you unconsciously allow them to get to you. Why, you cared to actually give critics your precious limited time.
  This is not to say you shouldn't listen to advice, but you should know a helpful advice when you hear or see one. Honestly, the way to really stop caring about what others think of you is to realise that their feelings doesn't make a difference.

Is He Attracted To You?: 9 Signs He Wants You Bad.

Is He Attracted To You?: 9 Signs He Wants You Bad. 

Image from:pixabay.com  

   You know, once in a while when I couldn't make sense of if a person was into me, I recently looked deep into my gut nature and set my inner self aside, tolerating that he doesn't need this bit of fine ass.
    Well, on different occasions i just truly couldn't make sense of if a person was into me or not, he just remained there like a deer in headlights… how am I expected to make sense of it?
    On top of that, all guys are distinctive. Some guys will approach you, acting like they're truly intrigued by you and after that nothing. Some will hit on you just to satisfy their inner self..
   See what I mean? So, if a guy is showing you the 'signs' we will discuss, at that point he's into you. If by any chance that these signs aren't there, it doesn't mean he's not into you, but rather there might a possibility that he is. I know, I know, love is confusing.

Here are the signs he wants you that bad 

   Men aren't that difficult to understand. They're significantly less complicated than we are. Well, we should take a look at the signs he wants you

1. He lets you know.

  You can detect when somebody simply want to fuck you, and when they need to eat up your body, brain, and soul. You can feel it and see it in their actions.
  In this case, focus on his actions, he might not necessary tell it to your face that he wants you, you've got to detect those unspoken words yourself.

2. He giggles at everything.

  You're not that interesting and you know it. He's giggling at all that you say, he just takes you as humorous.
   When you like somebody, you for the most part observe whatever they say to be funny. Why, it's science.

3. He loves paying for everything.

   Just like a knight in shinning amour. He demands that he pays for everything. Guys that are not really into you can't do that.
3. He checks up you frequently. 

   Not like a stalker though. He messages you just to ask you how your day's going, what will do after work/school, he's interested in knowing what you are up to.
  A guy who wants to fuck you is likely to message once a year.

5. He's not pushing you to do anything like: sex.

   He's playing it cool. Let's be truthful every guy loves sex but he's just okay with your terms but he's withering inside, however outwardly, he's not forcing you to do anything. That is the attribute of somebody who truly regards you and qualities you as a man.

6. He really loves hanging out with you publicly.  

  He doesn't do couch dating. He takes you out frequently to meet friends. You have practically met his best of friends. He makes it obvious that he is damn serious about you. Someone that is interested in you attempts to see you everyday if possible.

7. He is damn punctual.

  Being on time is another of the signs he needs you terrible, in light of the fact that individuals who are mostly on time are individuals who really care the slightest bit. Furthermore, it shows that they likewise regard your time.
   In a case where is he is late, he should at least have a good reason for being late.

8. He is simply open. 

   No shady business, this guy doesn't play games. He tells what you want to know, his past relationships, family. This shows he is serious about you really.
  A shady guy wouldn't.

9. You can feel it in your bones. 

   You can feel it in your body and soul too. When somebody needs you for real whatever the reason,  you can feel it. You can really feel their need for you. It's that straight forward.


Ladies Don't Fall For a Guy Who......

  • likes you because you’re pretty. If he loves you he shouldn't mind what you look like. 
  • likes you because you’re someone who makes him look good. He simply needs to be seen with you since you're difficult to approach by others.  
  • has really bad commitment issues. He doesn't want a relationship yet but wants to eat his cake and have it. 
  • is obviously a 'Player' and all of sudden you become special. 
  • says he is so into you but never actually show it. He messages you like once a year.  
  • is a 'sociopathic narcassit'. Who is obviously dating himself and might never commit even with a gun to his head. 
  • is way too nice. Damn how boring they can be. 
  • too spiritual. Being godly is fine but when it becomes the topic of every discussion you get to have with him.... 
  • has no ambition but tries to belittle yours! 
  • won't let you meet his friends. 
  • tries to talk you into changing the way you are. He should love you exactly as you are. 
  • you have no 'sparks' for. You know that feeling you get when you see a hot tv crush? That's what sparks are. 
  • is a WORKAHOLIC.
  • way clingy. 
  • is BROKE and does nothing about it. 
  • is a control freak. You know overly controlling guy who thinks he get to make decisions for you?.
  •  dislikes your friends. 
  • is with someone else.! 

      I know you have a hundred reasons to deny the truth, but the truth is, love is not who soothes your eyes, but rather it is who leaves an impact on your heart and continues to do so.
  But leave a comment below if you think they should be more to the list ❤

9 Keys To Achieving a Happy Relationship With Your Partner.

<img src="DIRECT IMAGE URL" alt="Happy relationship-couples" />
Image from: pixabay.com 

     Love is beautiful when

 you are with the right

 person. Love requires

 efforts, without it a

 relationship becomes a


    Everyone wants love,

 they look for love in all

 places but are they

 willing to work for it?.

    Here are 10 keys to

 achieving a happy

 relationship with your


1. Love Yourself

    Be confident in who

you are despite your

 imperfections because

 that's what makes you


    Before you commit to

 a relationship, be sure

 to commit to yourself

 first and also

 understand that

 whosoever you are

 going to date, you will

 always be nothing other

 than being yourself. 

2. Respect

     Respect is always the

 most crucial thing in a

 relationship. Treat your

 partner exactly how you

 want to be treated. 

    Value whatever your

 partner brings to the

 table. Respect their

 decisions and feelings.

     Avoid criticising them,

 taking advantage of

 them or looking down

 on them. 

3. Trust is important.

    Trust is very essential in

 every relationship. Learning

 to trust your partner has its

 own perks. 

     Without trust comes

 possessiveness and jealousy.

  Trust is the glue that holds

 relationships. Trust their

 decisions and efforts. 

4. Honesty

    Always be truthful in

 your dealings with your

 partner, even from the

 onset because a

 relationship built on

 the foundation of lies

 can never last. 

    Be honest about your

 feelings, opinions,

 needs, wants and

 values. Do ever feel the 

need to hide your

 emotions from your


5. Good communication.

  Communication is one

 of the most important

 ingredient in a

 relationship. It can also

 be the hardest thing to

 master in a


   A good line of

 communication is

 necessary to make a

 relationship work. 

6. Understanding

   Let’s be realistic

 nobody is perfect.

 Everyone has their

 flaws, You have to have

 a willingness to listen to

 each other when times

 get rough, and explore

 each other’s point of


   For couple to understand 

 one another,  requires

 patience and openness.

7. Compromise

     Compromise is crucial

 in a relationship.

       Compromising means

 the ability to bend on a

 certain issue or trying

 out a different way of

 thinking to try and

 understand what your

 partner wants. 

   This is NOT the same

 as changing your core

 beliefs and values for

 the person. Instead

 compromise is finding

 an equal level where

 both members are


8. Responsibility

    If you feel as if you are

 mature enough to enter

 a committed 

relationship, you must

 be able to take

 responsibility for your


   This is not just

 applicable in a

 romantic relationship,

 but for all relationships.

 Be willing to admit that

 you are wrong, and

 always remember that a

 sincere apology goes a

 long way. Habits

 such as blaming your

 partner or refusing to

 acknowledge your

 mistakes will surely

 damage your


9. Appreciation

  When two people have

 been in a relationship

 for long it's so easy to

 take each other for


  Always remind your

 partner how much they

 mean to you, Everybody

 loves a good compliment

 every now and then. 

   Never forget to value

 each other and

 celebrate their


   Thank you for making it to

 end of the article. 

   What other keys do you

 think should be on the list,

 comment below ❤


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