3 Reasons Why It Always Seems Too Hard To Get Over An Ex

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    Sometimes when we realise what we've lost, that's when it becomes most important to us. We strive to become whatever we need to get it back, that is how getting over an ex feels like.
     This happens because without knowing it someone can carve out perfectly a little space in our heart and lives. That's why it always seems too hard to move on after a break up because of that impact they made in our lives.

      Here are some of the reasons why it always seems too hard to get over an ex 😭.

  1. You miss them.
  2. Your ex seems to have moved on.
  3.  You have this 'thing' that no one can measure up to your ex.  

1. You miss them-  it is normal to miss an ex because of how good they made you feel. But remember this is a stage and you have to remember why you broke  up with them in the first place.
 Action to take: Try not feel sorry for yourself because every step back is push to move forward and learn from it.

2. Your ex seems to have moved on- the feeling of having to see your ex move on after the break can be very painful especially if they are happy in the new relationship. Not that you should wish your ex bad but the feeling sucks.
Action to take: the only way you might be to get over this is moving on for real, try vacations, try hanging out more with friends, don't just rush into a relationship because your ex has moved on. Try to date yourself for a while and explore the beauty of singleness.

3. You have this 'thing' that no one can measure up to your ex-  the fact that you know them so well makes you think that they can't be replaced. Yeah, i know the feeling.
Action to take: you have to move on, have fun, avoid contacting your ex for the main time, do some things you have been meaning to do. Do try to give someone else a chance but not immediately, give yourself time to heal first.

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