SELF HACK: 7 Ways To 'Trigger' Personal Growth

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Also: personal development. 

  Personal growth is an inside job(mental).
  It covers activities that improve one's awareness and identity. It also develops one's potentials and enhances the individual's quality of life.

   Do you ever feel the need to set some things right in your life but things doesn't come into play? Things went from being a piece of cake to a struggle?.
  We all have been through that rough path in life. Those are the moments in life that really teach you a lesson and if you don't go for the ride you're never going to learn.

  So here are the seven (7) ways to 'trigger' personal growth.     

1. Do some self - Assessment. 

  Do you really need personal growth? If yes, what and what do you need to improve in your life. 

2. Learn to stop comparing yourself to others. 

'No one is you and that's your power '
  To be able to trigger your personal growth you need to be able to let go of all forms of comparison. 
  Develop an instinct for originality. Originality makes you appreciate yourself. Be yourself, love yourself and watch your life transform into something beautiful.   

3. Surround yourself with people who get you. 

  You must be picky about the type of people you associate with because the type of people you associate with will determine how far you can go in life. 
  Surround yourself with positive vibes, positive people, people who encourage you to do pursue the right thing, people who you are sure influence your life positively. 

4. Get rid of negative vibes. 

  The exact opposite of NO.3. No matter how good you are, associating with the wrong kind of people can influence you negatively. 
  Stay away from people who make you feel less of yourself. Don't sell yourself short. 

5. Create new experiences for yourself. 

  Experience is always the best teacher. Create wonderful memories for yourself. Go out of your way to go out and meet new people. 
  Learn new hobbies, have fun and take risks because you've got only one life.  

6. Write. 

 Yes write! 
Keep a diary. Start a personal blog.
  Putting thoughts down in writing helps you analyse them properly than when you actually stare at thin air for hours without really getting any solution. 

7. Learn to let go. 

  The past is something you cannot change. Don't spend your whole life regretting things you could have done differently. 
  Mistakes are lessons taught by life. Accept that nothing can be done about the past, you only learn from it. 
  Let go, live life now that you have it. 

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Question: What others ways do you believe are ways to '
trigger' Personal Growth? 
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    Thanks, this really motivated me.

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