He's Just Not That Into You: 8 Signs You're The Side Chick

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   Everybody once in a while, have tried to convince themselves of the non obvious, especially in relationships.

   Harsh as it may sound, when a girl is into a guy that might not really be interested. She tries to see things that are not there and ignore the red flags because she wants to either hope to change his mind or believe the opposite of what she already knows, and some men may not want to hurt our feelings by telling the truth about their intentions.

   Love is beautiful when it's balanced, this is why It’s important to always read the signs and believe what he’s trying to tell you almost non verbally instead of trying to convince ourselves of  the non obvious.

    Guys (the good ones who doesn't want to waste your time) tell the truth in their own way. They are actually not too verbal like us, the communication pattern is way different, they are more action- driven. That is they show their feelings by their behaviour towards you. You don't expect a guy to be that blunt, most guys do have hearts.   
    So why not save yourself the heartache and face the obvious facts, except you're not sure of course, then have a look at the following signs to watch out for in order to know if you're the side chick:

1. He doesn’t call or text you as he should. 

   A man who wants to call you will do so even if he leaves you his number, it's not a sure sign that he genuinely wants to pursue you.
    There's an age-old principle still valid today that men enjoy the chase but when a hardly calls or text without good reason, its just obvious that he isn't interested. 

2. He's protective of his phone.

    Everyone complains of, people like their privacy a lot but when it comes to someone you are already share some intimacy with, you might be curious to know what's up. 
     This becomes bad when the guy hardly takes his calls in your presence, then that should be a warning sign cause he's shady baby. 

3. He doesn’t ask questions. 

   A guy who is interested in you would want to get to know you, will ask a lot important questions to show his interest.    Guys who wants to add you to their collection of side chicks will ask a whole different set of questions or none at all. 

4. Acts weird when you guys are together in public. 

     He refuses to hold your hand or show affection in public. This might be because he is probably dating someone else or scared another of his side chick might see him with someone else ie. you. Some guys might use shyness as an excuse which you know is a big lie because when two people are really in love with each other, shyness is a no no. 

5. Avoids taking Selfies with you.

   Forget how funny and simple this might sound to you but a guy that dodges taking selfies with you like a 'grenade' should be watched closely, whenever you tilt your phone to take a picture with him he tries his best to avoid it. He is simply afraid his other chicks might see the picture somehow. 

6. You have never been invited to a family or friends gathering. 

    If you have never met a guy's family or friends without reasons(mainly yours) then it's a sign you are not the 'Main Chick'. 

7. Gifts are non-existent.

   Though guys are not walking ATMs, a guy who likes you will always try to surprise you with little gifts. As in you can feel it in your bones that he's really into you by those little gestures of love.

8. You can feel the lack of interest.

   You can feel if a guy isn’t as interested in you as you’d like him to be. You know it, it only depends on if you want to believe so. 
    Respect yourself enough to  detach yourself from such relationship despite how painful and hard it would be. A relationship where you always feel like there's another chick, where he hardly calls you his girlfriend or shows you off. Trust what you feel because love should never be one-sided. 


  1. Itsmeshan318/7/17

    Thank you for posting this. Everyone should read that. Changed my life.

  2. ayaPapaya18/7/17

    They are actually not too verbal like us, the communication pattern is way different, they are more action- driven. That is they show their feelings by their behaviour towards you

    Is this true? Why do you think this is?

    1. Quititchick18/7/17

      Not exactly. I suck at communication and hardly talk, most times the guys I date do a lot of the verbal communication. You might think oh that will suck, but I think they love it, they want someone to listen, and because I hardly talk it gives them the perfect opportunity for that. Also, I don't think it should be a guy thing, talk is cheap, whether with a guy or a woman. If all they do is talk about how much they care without behaving right, then you should leave.


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