Helpful Ways To Set Goals And Accomplish Them


     Every bit of human progress were first visualized before they became realities.
    A goal is an objective, a purpose. A goal is more than a dream. It's a dream being acted upon with the hope of accomplishing it. A goal is more than a hazy "oh i wish i could". A goal is a clear "this is what i'm working toward".
     Goals are necessary for success as air is to life. No one ever stubbles into success without goals but without the will of power, a goal cannot go through because to set a goal is something but to accomplish it is another.
     In order to accomplish goals, you need to know how to set them because you can't simply say "i want to get this" and expect it to happen that easily. It starts with a lot of hard work because goals won't complete themselves. You need to keep a tight rein in your pursuit of them. Get started. Keep going. Accomplish your dreams.  

So how can one set goals and accomplish them?

1. Make it S.M.A.R.T- Acronyms for: 
S= specific- Your goals should be specific, it must be exactly what you want and straightforward. Find goals that will create a balance in your life, goals that will make you happy and also make those around you happy too. 

M= meaningful- Set goals that make sense and are valuable to you and others, don’t just set goals because you feel like. Set goals because its useful and that it will contribute positively in your life and those around you.  

A= attainable- Set goals you know are definitely out there for you especially if you are in for a short term goal (1 year) then think with time and set goals that can be accomplished before the end of  time given.
R= realistic- So many words can go with this 'R' but i'm going with realistic. In as much as we all love shooting for the stars which is not a bad thing by the way. When it comes to goal setting you've to consider your resources because you can't be making less than $100,000 annually and set a goal to become a billionaire in a year; not saying it takes $100,000 to become a billionaire but let's be realistic here, it doesn't happen like that. So keep your goals grounded in reality.

T= timely- Your goals should have a deadline, at least the short term ones. Set a schedule for it.

2. Write it/them down- Be detailed and specific. Also include their deadlines. Word your writing positively because it tends to make the goals half way done. Keep it safe for reference.

3. Break it/them down- This is another step that helps in goal setting because it controls bulkiness and makes those big goals of ours less overwhelming. It's okay to break them(goals) down and take them one at a time, this makes it easier and likely achievable.

4. Discipline yourself- Just like i said to set goals can be a little bit easy than putting them into practice. Discipline means to make yourself do something even when you don't feel like it. Start working toward it today, don't wait till next week or next time. Even if you don't know what your first course of action should be yet, start doing something and keep doing it till it becomes a habit.

5. Final Points- 

  • Avoid feelings like the popular "false hope syndrome"
  • Remember that every failure has a lesson to teach. 
  •  Always remind yourself daily of what you have to accomplish that is the goals, this will help get through difficulty and make you more passionate about your goals. 
  • Say yes to new opportunities you never know what is really in store for, you can still have your goals and still be able to do something else. Keep an open mind. 

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