How To Be A Likeable Person| 7 Ways.

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    A likeable person isn't a someone without flaws or someone perfect. It is very easy to become one if you decide to.
   Though everyone has the right to live their lives as they like, they are certain steps one might want to take to improve relationships with those around them. Becoming a likeable person can go a long way in socialization but it's all a matter of choice.

  So how does one become likeable? 

1. Smile- I know you must have heard this many times, well it still works because it makes you look friendly and more approachable and guess what, an approachable person is a likeable person. So show them that beautiful smile of yours. 

2. Practice good self - grooming- Another tip to becoming a likeable person. Do well to smell nice or don't smell at all. Be neat, the world appreciates those who go the extra mile to make people around comfortable; i do too! 

3. Be polite- Being polite focuses more on how you react to situations. Even when under pressure, try to control yourself and people will love you for that. 
    Always speak kindly of yourself and those around you and don't forget to return favours. 

4. Watch your body language- Be watchful of what your body movements unconsciously or consciously say to people, you might mean another thing and your body language would mean another.[How To Improve Your Body Language ]    

5. Always dress for style and respect not for attention- This doesn't mean you should become a slave to fashion. Just know that your dressing determines how people will address you, so dress modestly. 

6. Be helpful- People like volunteers, do something nice one in a while like helping the elderly cross the road but remember its only if you want to. 

7. Be current and opinionated- Be the type of person who knows the 'what's up' in the world and around you and always have a smart opinion about it. This is because people will judge you from your answers, so try to choose your words or don't at all. 

8. Be true to yourself- In as much as you want to be likeable, you shouldn't forget your worth in the process because that's what makes you. Be unique and the right people will like you for that. 

9. Be emulative- Be someone people can learn positive things from and look up to. Work on your confidence, be honest, be positive and never try to pretend in order to gain approval instead work on improving yourself.[How To Improve Your Personality]    


  1. Susan12/7/17

    I love your blog. ����

  2. Elice Dixon12/7/17

    A lot of people complain of not being liked but are not really ready to put some efforts... Nice tips for the way.


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