How To Enjoy Being Single

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     Although being single might look like a hard thing to pull off, it's not. Being single has its many advantages which are:
  • It gives you time to love yourself . 
  • It gives you time to be yourself.
  • It give you time to think about why you're single. 
  • It gives you time to set standards for the next relationship. 
  • And also time to improve yourself. 
As you have seen or read, the advantages are enough to catch your eyes or not; the most important thing is knowing how to enjoy the single life now that you have because truth be told relationships can be stressful even if you are happy in it. 

   So how can you enjoy being single? 

1. Put yourself first- This time around you are dating you so treat you like you are in a relationship with you... too many YOUs?, it's not a typo. 
    Focus on making yourself happy, try to treat yourself to things you never had the chance to do when you were in a relationship.[How To Love Yourself More

2. Focus on self growth- Work on improving yourself even if you don't want to. Stop wallowing in regrets and 'could have beens', get up and something nice for you because its just you, you don't have to answer to anyone for now.[How To Trigger Personal Growth]  

3. Get lost- I meant go on a vacation or something, just leave town if you can. If you can't then find a way to occupy your mind and have fun. Get a hobby, go out with friends, focus your mind on becoming a better person not a pity party. 

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