6 Helpful Ways To Deal With Critical People


    A critical (also a critic) person is someone who we might say likes to make careful judgments about the good and the bad qualities of somebody or something.
   Critical people can be grouped into two:

1. The critical person who focuses more on the positive qualities of somebody or something.
2. The critical person who focuses on the negatives of somebody or something, which in this article we will be discussing the critical person who focuses on the negatives and how we can handle them or deal with them.

   A negative critical person is someone who we might say kills the vibes of people, they breath negativity and kinda eat negativity, they like to make certain comments that might not be that pleasing to the ears. Though most people call them honest, some don't. People like me find them not fit to be in my circle because who needs that kind of negativity in one's life?

   So what steps can one take in dealing or handling critical people? 

1. Try not to take their words personal- See i said try, in as much as they will always want you to take their words to heart. Trying to rise above those words which are just words will help you a lot.
How?- by simply objectifying the comments that is try to know they might be trying to say not how they said it because as long as you don't take their words to heart, it's not your problem. 

2. Understand that most of the time, their opinions are sometimes useful- Like i stated above, most critical people are honest. You can always count on them for one or two "very" honest feedbacks. 

3. You are always free tell them how you feel about their behaviour- Do remember to be subtle because critics like to feed on people's weaknesses, so try not show them how deeply they've hurt you with their words because its just words nothing physical. 
How?- Always begin with a joke, never jump straight in because you might end up not getting anywhere with them. Ex: "hey, i know what you going to say but can you give me a different opinion on this new skirt?". This is you indirectly tell them to say something nice for once. 

4. Don't ask for their opinion if you can't take it- In as much as they can be honest about things, they also have a bad way of constructing words in their minds. They do not mince words, so don't  expect 'nice' honesty from them. 
   My advice, if you really need an honest feedbacks give it to yourself because who best can make you feel good if not you? 

5. Be kind to them- wasn't expecting this right?, you think they deserve the opposite of kindness. The key to dealing with critical people is not to treat them as they do you because two wrongs can never make a right, so be the 'right' one. 

6. Avoid them if everything else fails- No one needs that kind of negativity in this life, if it has gotten to the point where you can't stand their guts, increase your pace and stay away from them. 

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