3 Ways To Improve Your Body Language Positively

Body Language? 

   This is the conscious and unconscious movement and postures by which attitude and feelings are reflected. This is also the process of communicating what you are feeling or thinking by the way you place or move your body rather than by words.
    Body language do give people away most of the times especially in conversations, it shows to the other person how interested you are in the convo'. A negative body language can portray a positive person as a negative person while a positive body language can portary a negative person as positive.

    A bad body language can cost you a lot especially if you don't know you've portraying a bad body language.
    The human body is sub-divided into 3: 
  • the face
  •  the torso
  •  and the hips down to the feet. 
    It's very important you take note of this because all three of them contribute in the illustration of a person's body language.. 

So how can one improve their body language positively? 

1. The Face-
Face Model cute"/>
  •  Be open with your emotions; if you are happy, angry, sad or surprised show that on your face.   
  • Watch your smile, avoid smiling too much people might see you as dumb or fake and avoid smiling too little too just keep it to a minimum  
  • Your laugh- people do read meanings into laughter. Always laugh with control unless people around might view you as unserious. 
  • Always maintain eye contact when talking to someone, avoid staring. 
  • Avoid touching your face when in a convo' with someone or in public, it shows nervousness. 
  • Avoid nodding too much, it makes you look like you can't wait to end the conversation.

2. The Torso-
Human body no head-Torso"/>
   This is from your neck to the top of your hips.   
  •  Avoid crossing your arms while in a convo' with someone, it shows arrogance and defensiveness. 
  • Avoid slouching, shows you are lazy or bored. 
  • Avoid leaning back too far, it kinda shows aggressiveness. 
  • Avoid trying to get people's attention with your fingers or hands, its rude. 
  • Do give firm handshakes, it shows confidence. 
  • Avoid checking your watch or phone when in a conversation, it shows can't wait to end the conversation.

3. From the hips to your feet-
Hot man legs"/>
  • Avoid crossing your legs when talking to someone, shows arrogance. 
  • Always reduce the physical distance between you and the other person it shows attentiveness. 
  • Avoid distracting the other person by constantly moving your feet or legs, it shows tension. 

      So these the few helpful ways you can improve your body language, one more tip always try to mirror the other person in that way you will be conscious of yourself. 
   Drop some in the comments box if you have more to add the list 🌸🌸

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