10 Signs She's Tired Of The Relationship

   "It's not you, it's me"  

   Just like the men, women are also that complicated when it comes to understanding them. Mostly like men too, they are non- verbal beings that is to us ladies our actions should be enough for you to understand us.
    Unfortunately, men are not that endowed with the "always know all" power. That is why it can be really hard for a man to kind of understand a woman's cause of action because they don't know what to think or how to respond and for all they care it could be the "cramps".
    Well, for this post we'll be discussing on how to know if a woman is tired of the relationship, quite a topic right?. This post should be helpful to men who can already feel it in their bones that this is way more than the "cramps" and that your lady might be trying to pass a message across, because that's all most women do; drop hints and clues hoping you'd get it.

Signs she might be tired of the relationship.  

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1. Communication from her side falls below average-
I'm trying to use a catchy sub-heading here. When a women or anybody else is tired of associating with you, they do stuffs like avoid your calls, ignores almost every texts, closes up on things they normally share with you. The way they communicate with you becomes different and clear that they don't want to be in your life anymore. 

2. Stops including you in her social life- You remember those times she normally do discuss alot of things with you like you're her bff?..she stops that, keeping you aloof of everything going on in her life because back then you used to be first to know anything and everything about her. That she stops too. 

3. She becomes "hard" to please- In other words, she becomes easily irritated by every humanly mistake you make. Even things that shouldn't be taken seriously suddenly makes her angry, you know why?.. She wants out. 

4. Her current response to your "I LOVE YOUs"- Becomes either "Okay", "I know" or something else you don't have a good feeling about. 

5. She stops being curious about you- One quality of a woman in love is curiousness. If you are loved by someone they always want to know everything that is going on your life. That's just science, once she stops trying to know what happened at the office or who the lady she saw you with is then she might really be considering ending the relationship. 

6. She constantly asks for "trap-kind" of favors- The type of things she suddenly wants from you become ridiculous, she asks favors from you as if she is out to get you. When a woman acts like this, she is obviously looking for something to make you feel guilty for so she can end the relationship because it's not you, it's her. 

7. Your pictures slowly disappear from her social media- This doesn't necessary mean that a woman is tired of a relationship but it's another sign to look out for once you have experienced at least three of any of the signs above. 

8. She flirts with your friends in your presence- I mean you are a man you should know when a lady is flirting. She does this to piss you off and maybe you might get her other clues. Watch out brother. 

9. Stops giving you sex- Well not a sure sign but it's probably one. Except you haven't experienced any of the signs above then this sign should not considered at all. 

10. She obviously doesn't care anymore and you can feel it- Nothing you do makes her happy anymore. She lets you win all the arguments. She no longer puts efforts in the relationship and you already know it. 

What to do?- Like i said its not you, it's her. Try and talk to her about her actions, she will definitely open up to you. If you find yourself guilty of any accusations, try to change. If it becomes something you can't handle or talk your way through then maybe it's time to end the relationship.         

Helpful Ways To Set Goals And Accomplish Them

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     Every bit of human progress were first visualized before they became realities.
    A goal is an objective, a purpose. A goal is more than a dream. It's a dream being acted upon with the hope of accomplishing it. A goal is more than a hazy "oh i wish i could". A goal is a clear "this is what i'm working toward".
     Goals are necessary for success as air is to life. No one ever stubbles into success without goals but without the will of power, a goal cannot go through because to set a goal is something but to accomplish it is another.
     In order to accomplish goals, you need to know how to set them because you can't simply say "i want to get this" and expect it to happen that easily. It starts with a lot of hard work because goals won't complete themselves. You need to keep a tight rein in your pursuit of them. Get started. Keep going. Accomplish your dreams.  

So how can one set goals and accomplish them?

1. Make it S.M.A.R.T- Acronyms for: 
S= specific- Your goals should be specific, it must be exactly what you want and straightforward. Find goals that will create a balance in your life, goals that will make you happy and also make those around you happy too. 

M= meaningful- Set goals that make sense and are valuable to you and others, don’t just set goals because you feel like. Set goals because its useful and that it will contribute positively in your life and those around you.  

A= attainable- Set goals you know are definitely out there for you especially if you are in for a short term goal (1 year) then think with time and set goals that can be accomplished before the end of  time given.
R= realistic- So many words can go with this 'R' but i'm going with realistic. In as much as we all love shooting for the stars which is not a bad thing by the way. When it comes to goal setting you've to consider your resources because you can't be making less than $100,000 annually and set a goal to become a billionaire in a year; not saying it takes $100,000 to become a billionaire but let's be realistic here, it doesn't happen like that. So keep your goals grounded in reality.

T= timely- Your goals should have a deadline, at least the short term ones. Set a schedule for it.

2. Write it/them down- Be detailed and specific. Also include their deadlines. Word your writing positively because it tends to make the goals half way done. Keep it safe for reference.

3. Break it/them down- This is another step that helps in goal setting because it controls bulkiness and makes those big goals of ours less overwhelming. It's okay to break them(goals) down and take them one at a time, this makes it easier and likely achievable.

4. Discipline yourself- Just like i said to set goals can be a little bit easy than putting them into practice. Discipline means to make yourself do something even when you don't feel like it. Start working toward it today, don't wait till next week or next time. Even if you don't know what your first course of action should be yet, start doing something and keep doing it till it becomes a habit.

5. Final Points- 

  • Avoid feelings like the popular "false hope syndrome"
  • Remember that every failure has a lesson to teach. 
  •  Always remind yourself daily of what you have to accomplish that is the goals, this will help get through difficulty and make you more passionate about your goals. 
  • Say yes to new opportunities you never know what is really in store for, you can still have your goals and still be able to do something else. Keep an open mind. 

Health Benefits Of Carrots🥕

Fresh bunch of carrots"/>
    Carrots are one of the most widely used and eaten vegetables in the world. They come in different colors or varieties of red, purple, orange and white but the most popular and currently used is the orange carrot, which was developed by the dutch farmers in the 16th and 17th centuries(+)

   So what makes carrots special? 

Oh they are a lot and we'll be discussing them below:

1. Carrots prevents night blindness- carrots are known to be rich in Beta-carotene which when taken is converted into Vitamin A by the liver, transferred to the retina then to the rhodopsin which is the light sensitive part of the eye that enables vision in low light conditions. Thus, carrots supplies, through Beta-carotene adequate Vitamin A to the rhodopsin to control night blindness.

2. Cancer prevention- carrots reduces the risks of lung cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. How?, scientists recently discovered falcarinol and falcarindiol in the roots of carrots which they feel cause the anti cancer properties. Falcarinol is a natural pesticide produced by carrots that protects its roots from fungal diseases while falcarindiol is the main compound responsible for bitterness in carrots.

3. Healthy skin- The magical Beta-carotene and Vitamin A in carrots also acts as antioxidant to cell damage done to the body by the sun. They also prevent aging, premature wrinkling, acne, dry skin, blemishes and uneven skin tone. Carrots can also be used as a very inexpensive and convenient beauty face mask(+)

4. Prevention of heart diseases- High cholesterol is a major factor that triggers heart diseases. Since regular consumption of carrots reduces cholesterol level,it is adviced to eat at least enough everyday.

5. Controls blood pressure- Carrots are rich in potassium, which is a vasodilator and can relax the tension of the blood vessels and arteries, thereby increasing blood flow and easy circulation.

Sources: Organic factsWikipedia


How To Enjoy Being Single

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Jeez, I hate yellow!
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     Although being single might look like a hard thing to pull off, it's not. Being single has its many advantages which are:
  • It gives you time to love yourself . 
  • It gives you time to be yourself.
  • It give you time to think about why you're single. 
  • It gives you time to set standards for the next relationship. 
  • And also time to improve yourself. 
As you have seen or read, the advantages are enough to catch your eyes or not; the most important thing is knowing how to enjoy the single life now that you have because truth be told relationships can be stressful even if you are happy in it. 

   So how can you enjoy being single? 

1. Put yourself first- This time around you are dating you so treat you like you are in a relationship with you... too many YOUs?, it's not a typo. 
    Focus on making yourself happy, try to treat yourself to things you never had the chance to do when you were in a relationship.[How To Love Yourself More

2. Focus on self growth- Work on improving yourself even if you don't want to. Stop wallowing in regrets and 'could have beens', get up and something nice for you because its just you, you don't have to answer to anyone for now.[How To Trigger Personal Growth]  

3. Get lost- I meant go on a vacation or something, just leave town if you can. If you can't then find a way to occupy your mind and have fun. Get a hobby, go out with friends, focus your mind on becoming a better person not a pity party. 

How To Be A Likeable Person| 7 Ways.

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    A likeable person isn't a someone without flaws or someone perfect. It is very easy to become one if you decide to.
   Though everyone has the right to live their lives as they like, they are certain steps one might want to take to improve relationships with those around them. Becoming a likeable person can go a long way in socialization but it's all a matter of choice.

  So how does one become likeable? 

1. Smile- I know you must have heard this many times, well it still works because it makes you look friendly and more approachable and guess what, an approachable person is a likeable person. So show them that beautiful smile of yours. 

2. Practice good self - grooming- Another tip to becoming a likeable person. Do well to smell nice or don't smell at all. Be neat, the world appreciates those who go the extra mile to make people around comfortable; i do too! 

3. Be polite- Being polite focuses more on how you react to situations. Even when under pressure, try to control yourself and people will love you for that. 
    Always speak kindly of yourself and those around you and don't forget to return favours. 

4. Watch your body language- Be watchful of what your body movements unconsciously or consciously say to people, you might mean another thing and your body language would mean another.[How To Improve Your Body Language ]    

5. Always dress for style and respect not for attention- This doesn't mean you should become a slave to fashion. Just know that your dressing determines how people will address you, so dress modestly. 

6. Be helpful- People like volunteers, do something nice one in a while like helping the elderly cross the road but remember its only if you want to. 

7. Be current and opinionated- Be the type of person who knows the 'what's up' in the world and around you and always have a smart opinion about it. This is because people will judge you from your answers, so try to choose your words or don't at all. 

8. Be true to yourself- In as much as you want to be likeable, you shouldn't forget your worth in the process because that's what makes you. Be unique and the right people will like you for that. 

9. Be emulative- Be someone people can learn positive things from and look up to. Work on your confidence, be honest, be positive and never try to pretend in order to gain approval instead work on improving yourself.[How To Improve Your Personality]    

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