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7 steps to making friends in College.

For most people starting afresh
is hard especially when it comes to making "new Friends from "new Strangers in a "new Environment. I CAN RELATE, my first day in College, I was Friendless, I had to start over, no one knew my name,
well things got better by the day Though. Making New Friends Should not be a big deal Though it is necessary to do so except you are a" LONER" OR UNDER PROBATION OR SOMETHING then you are free to go.
  Everyone should at least have one Friend (it can be your mum, dad or even your pet) But here i am talking about how you can make real-Life Friends as in HUMAN BEINGS!! 
  So to enter the friendship lane, you might need to Learn from these my "i think I'm Steve Harvey steps"  especially if you are this kind of person that is EAGER to have friends, be noticed or at least Let your Classmates know your First Name. 

For most people especially introverts, making friends can be really hard. IT'S OKAY TO BE SHY.  But you could try to at least say Hi, talk to your seat neighbour, don't be the type that always wait for others to make the first move, why not you make the first move?, why not say hi first and at least look confidence and approachable? It's not easy though but it can help alot, at least people will know you are not a snob or anything close to that. 

2. SMILE (it makes you approachable too) -
    Don't just smile for no reason, LOL, you can greet someone with a smile, together with hi' will make a great combo' try saying  "good morning"  with a SMILE, not the all teeth SMILE i mean a soft smile so you don't come off as creepy.


Don't be "miss know - all, never confused kind of person" Try asking people for things, you could borrow a ruler, ask for directions to the bookshop or cafeteria or something, try asking for your front neighbour's Note or view on something that teacher taught.  But they should be a limit though so you don't come off as "miss always asking silly questions". In other words, ASK GOOD QUESTIONS and POLITELY. 


You don't have to dress like a celebrity or anyone you wish you could be like, Clothes are Clothes, what matters is if they are neat, always smell nice, keep your nails clean, your mouth too, and people would love for that and they would love being around you,  and they might be like "i like this girl or boy, she is always neat". 


No one likes a WANNABE or a MAKE - BELIEVE human being, people love real, you too love real, me too love real. So try your best to show what and who you really are, don't fake it because you would soon be fished out and no one might want to be around you anymore.


you don't expect to walk into a new class and expect total Strangers to hail and greet you that easily, give it time after all... ROME WAS NEVER BUILT IN A DAY. 



Drake Bell was Not Invited to Former Co-Star Josh Peck's Wedding

SO these are my "not so popular 7 tips to making friends in college or anywhere.

Drop your comments below. Cheers 🍻

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