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How to win people to your way of thinking.

  Getting peers and foes to
understand and view things from your own perspective can be as hard as anything.

A lot of people will always have a to disagree with you and see your way of life and living as a bad way to live. 

Though it seems a bit more like pleasing
others while displeasing yourself. It's not it, getting people to think like you do simply means
  "getting them to understand you and you to understand them" 

If I'm being honest, there's is nothing instant about 
Getting people to think like you. But these tips apply to anyone who wants that to happen. 

How to influence people

 Avoid arguments 

The best way to win over an argument is to avoid it.
Why, you loose to fail and win to regret later,  you could argue and win atimes but that doesn't mean your opponent agreed with you, you only end up in his bad book; which will only make him hate you more. 
One good way to achieve this is to look for areas of agreement that is hearing your opponents out and thinking over it. More in my next post how to avoid argument. 

You will never get in trouble by admitting that you may be wrong. 

Don't tell them they are wrong, it will only get them stirred up and all. 
Though you have examined Facts and maybe found out your opponents are very wrong but never tell them that, use a little diplomacy like say  "I'm mostly wrong about stuffs like this, i might be wrong. I want to be put right. Let's examine Facts"  that does it.  

Begin in a "honey-ly"  kind of  way. 

Begin in a friendly way. Don't go complimenting them! It will only earn you punches. Be mindful of how he feels too and how you too feels. 
Tell him to sit down and let you both talk things out and know you guys differences, why you guys are about to get into am argument. 

Getting them to agree already with you is good. 

Get your opponents saying yes, yes, keep them from saying No;

To achieve this, you should Begin by emphasising on the things which you agree on. 
Ask them gentle questions, tread softly to go far. 

Let them talk about themselves too. 

To be honest, when trying to win over people, never make it about you. Give them opportunities to talk about themselves too. 
If you disagree with them you may be tempted to interrupt which can be dangerous. Listen patiently with an open mind and be sincere about it. 

When everything else doesn't work. Try this.  

What most people like is the desire to excel, make them feel important. Male them matter. 
 I know you too matter, but you are the one avoiding the argument here. You are the one who needed peace enough to seek counsel. My last tip on how to win people to your way of thinking is LET IT GO.


  1. chisom4/05/2017

    i think i prefer this post.
    really motivated me.
    but want to ask ,what if the opponent is really proving stubborn asin he or she dooesnt comply to these rules??

    1. Thank you for your thoughts on my post.
      To answer your question.
      The only remedy needed for someone who doesn't comply to these steps is just letting it go 🚶.
      I hope this helps


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