Deadly Habits to drop.

Things you need to change about you.

Things we all need to stop
doing; forget for a  fact that they say "Resolution era" is
over. Change is constant, anytime, anyday.
 Make a List, write down those stuffs you think are not working for you and you clearly know you really need to stop doing. Keep in
mind that its a promise you gonna make to yourself "I'm gonna improve today". Work towards it and your peace will return.  
  • You are a worrier? 

  • You keep serious grudges? 


  • You act uninterested in people but you really wish they could talk to you?

  • You have cray trust issues? 

  • You take things for granted, not putting your best in TASKS? 

  • You try to change yourself to gain approval? 
Deadly Habits to drop

  • You never see the good in people, it's selfish!!?? 

  • You have no room for improvements? 

  • You let things like "being an introvert" stop you from achieving your dreams?

  • You take your health for granted? 

  • You feel too safe, lying down with your phone or laptop all day? - go out there sister, try something new, learn lessons and have a story to tell someday. 

Self care quotes
  • You care alot about what people think of you because you think "its part of being an introvert"? 

REMIND YOURSELF :you need not copy others to be happy.



  1. Anonymous2/26/2017

    Nice one dear, have got your back on this one... Peace

  2. Nice post

  3. Instagram user2/26/2017

    Thank you for this.

  4. Smur_amy2/26/2017

    Nice post

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