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How To Build Self Confidence And Self Esteem

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Self confidence is very important in human life.
As you might have guessed, they are two types of self confidence.

Positive self confidence. Negative self confidence. 
 Positive self confidence is affialiated to all things positive.
 Negative? , you know the rest.
 A person with self confidence can take risks, say things without fear (useful things).
But a person with low self confidence is usually afraid to take risks and believe he or she can achieve his or her goals.
 Building SELF CONFIDENCE requires alot of work but good news!! It can be achieved with these steps.

Good attitudeDevelop a good attitude towards things of life. Be it relationships, promotion, whatever!. Be optimistic, avoid negative thoughts that tell you "you can't". Start saying "you can". 
Ditch negativity from every corner  Start being around those that improve you positively, avoid negative or toxic people (keep your distance).  Ditch…